Mp3 Collection          (Under Construction)

Here is a gathering of various mp3 folk songs and tunes that we have accumulated over the years.  We would be pleased to add to this if you have any more mp3 similar recordings.  Many were originally on tape and are often live recordings so forgive the quality, they have not been cleaned up.


Sloop Inn

We will start with the Sloop Inn Recordings dated 18.2.77.  An Evening at the Sloop Inn Folk Club.  We remember it as very stormy evening but we still had a good turnout.  It was recorded by John Waterman and he very kindly gave many of us a tape of the proceedings.

A Week Before Easter by Chanter (The group Chanter were John Wiles; Pip Richardson, (Bernadette) )

Boots by Dave Williams (A Music Hall number.  IOW  Dave Williams is not to be confused with Southampton Dave Williams)

Go to Sea No More by Mick Butler

Irish Rover by Jester Nuff  (Jester Nuff were John Lillington - guitar; Dave & Anwyl Williams - concertina, melodeon, guitar, autoharp, whistle; Mary Henson on cello.)

Lancashire Lads by Paul Elliot

Lovely Nancy by Chanter

Rise up Jock by Keith Hardy

Sovay by John Lillington and Mary Henson

Spanish Ladies by Robin Holbrook

Step it out Mary by John Lillington

Bracken Hound by Folk Madrigal (Folk Madrigal were Keith Hardy, Paul Elliot, Mike Butler)

The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite by Jim Jewell

Three Score and Ten by Mick Butler

Water is Wide by Les Windley

Rileys Daughter plus tunes by Jester Nuff

Bonus Tracks

Left Handed Cockamale Beetle by Dave Williams (A song with a hidden meaning that fitted the times)

Sweet Mystery by Paul Elliot


Wolverton Manor Recordings     by Whirligig (Dave & Anwyl Williams)

At the festival (late 70s early 80s) plus one was recorded in a corn store.

Blue Eyes Dave

Pity Pity Pity Anwyl

An Mhaigdean Mhara & Road to Lisdoonvanna  Anwyl on whistle

Bunch of Thyme Anwyl plus harmony from Gisela

Lamorna Dave


Ceilidh Band Recordings

Over the years we played in many barn dance bands with such wonderful names as Captain Ceili, Moby Duck, Camargue and Merlin's Mob.  We started playing for Barn Dances on the Island.  We did some wonderful gigs but in those days our gear weighed a ton! We have made many recordings largely for use by other band members and generally for other musicians to use.  Anwyl many years ago produced three books with a CD to help players but sadly all have sold out now.  Here is a sample, there are dozens and dozens more. You may of course know some of the tunes by other names. Some were recorded at gigs, others were recorded at rehearsals.

Heel and Toe


Gay Gordons Set

Uncle's Jig


Marche des Cabrettaires

Newly Weds Waltz

Dan Macs and the Limerick Reel

La Belle Catherine and Over the Waterfall

Sweets of May and Dingles Regatta

Wadna Fecht Set

Wiltshire 6 and Herbert Smith 4


Various Isle of Wight Recordings


Mistletoe and Holly     Holly Red and Mistletoe

Mummers Carol        Mummers Christmas Carol

Isle of Wight Winter Song

Isle of Wight Christmas Party

Wassail from the Isle of Wight

Newchurch Carol Hark

Sea Songs

These are first take demo tracks produced to help write down the music. They will give you an idea of the song. The words, music and notes are found elsewhere on this site.  Some original recordings can be found on Youtube.

Make them into your own songs.

Admiral Hopson

Back of Wight Smugglers

Cliffsmen of Freshwater Bay

Come Along all you sailors

Crossing the Bar

Galleon of the Isle of Wight

Island Smugglers Three

The Isle Of Wight Fishing Shanty

Mary Rose

Medina River Shanty

Polly Oliver and the Sea Captain

Sailor Boy

Smugglers' Victory

Ventnor Crabbing Song

Wreck of the Irex

The Wreck of the Sirenia


Shanty Songs by Chantimor  Dave founded this shanty group that won an award at the Captain Hayet Festival.  They made one record but these are out takes at a live concert. This was all inspired by singing shanties on the IOW and singing along with the likes of Johnny Collins,  Jim Mageean and Stan Hugill at festivals. Eventually we all moved on to different things.

All for me grog

Candlelight Fisherman    from the singing of Bob Roberts

Captain Nipper 

Essequibo   Includes a story

Hanging Johnny

Haul on the Bowline

Hog Eye Man

John Cherokee

New York Girls

Riding on a Donkey

Roll the Old Chariot  plus an introduction

Waters of Tyne

Yellow Girls Doodle let me go


To follow


Old Time Recordings

Breton Recordings