The Isle of Wight Tune Book


The aim is to continue the Village Band Tradition of having an Isle of Wight manuscript of tunes and
airs available for dances, weddings, parties and other gatherings. No old IOW village manuscripts
have as yet been found. We have gathered together some of the IOW and related tunes from a
variety of sources. This is a living document with new material being added all the time.
We are looking for new tunes without copyright to include in the manuscript. Please send the music
/ score or an mp3 with a clear tune from which we can write out the music. More details are
available about this in "New songs and tune ideas" below. Use our email to send tunes.


We hope you enjoy playing the music. Thanks to all those so far that have freely provided tunes, given
their time to checking them out and those that have given us so much encouragement.
Here are some of the tunes so far.


Isle of Wight Tune Book Volume 1
Isle of Wight Tune Book Volume 2
Isle of Wight Tune Book Volume 3
Isle of Wight Tune Book Volume 4 (Core Dance Tunes)
Isle of Wight Tune Book Volume 5 (Alice’s Collection)
Isle of Wight Carole Dance Music 6 (Long Term Project)
Isle of Wight Tune Book Volume 7 (IOW Maritime Medleys)
Background to Sea Songs and Shanties IOW
New songs and tunes ideas


I've just been playing through the Isle of Wight tunes and they are great. I particularly like Sailor's
Return and the Isle of Wight Hornpipe. Both very jaunty. The British Man-of-War tunes are nice, as is
Autumn on the Isle of Wight which has a lovely melancholic simplicity to it. The Clowns Courtship and
Crockery Ware are both cute and Golden Gorse is a lovely reflective song. It reminds me a bit of
Foster and Allen (way back in the day). Lumps of Pudding is sweet and I also like Roger and Dolly
followed by the Parson of Chale, the latter of which is quite quirky and really appeals to me! The song
of Sixpence is quite mediaeval sounding I thought. I tried it whilst playing a low drone on the G and it
works really well.KG